CPBeacom’s Loquat Tepache

Photos and recipe by the inimiatable cpbeacom! Loquat tepache. Turned out yummy. And overcarbonated. The loquat adds a nice acidity like a sour beer. It’s a normal tepache recipe but with half the pineapple skin and core replaced with a roughly equal volume of pitted loquats. Here’s the process: melt a cone of piloncillo in

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Loquat Wine/Cider Recipe

So what’s the difference between loquat wine and loquat cider? Mostly it’s the amount of sugar added and the yeast used. From the perspective of home-brewing, this may be some of the easiest and simplest booze you’ve brewed. Take some loquat juice, add some sugar, add the yeast, let it sit for a while, and

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Loquat Candy Recipe

Here’s a recipe which I adapted from the prickly pear candy recipe. The final result tastes a bit like a cross between a fruit rollup and a gumdrop. One of the changes, which was obvious once I’d had a bite, was to add a coating of chili and sugar. You can find chili-lime-salt powder

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two loquatritas on a windowsill


Loquats are an ideal fruit for margaritas; sour with just a hint of sweetness, they counterbalance any tequila nicely and play well with bright flavors like orange and lime. As a bonus, slightly underripe loquats, with their signature tang, work perfectly well in this tantalizing, slightly brown cocktail. You will need: 1.5-2 cups of loquat

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Loquat Chutney

There aren’t a lot of hard and fast rules with this recipe. You could probably put whatever you wanted in there, and if it tastes good to you, then that’s the way to go. But two things to keep in mind: One – the ajwain is really what makes this taste like an authentic chutney.

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