two loquatritas on a windowsill

Loquats are an ideal fruit for margaritas; sour with just a hint of sweetness, they counterbalance any tequila nicely and play well with bright flavors like orange and lime. As a bonus, slightly underripe loquats, with their signature tang, work perfectly well in this tantalizing, slightly brown cocktail.

You will need:

1.5-2 cups of loquat flesh (from about 1 pound of whole loquats; any size will work, but larger fruits are easier to seed and peel)

4 ounces of tequila, whatever kind you prefer

2 ounces of triple sec or Cointreau

The juice of two medium-sized limes

2 tablespoons of sweetener, such as agave nectar, honey, or simple syrup

2 cups of ice

A plate with a thin layer of kosher salt (optional)

Peel and seed your loquats. It’s okay if you leave some of the peels on, but the seeds are slightly toxic, so be sure to remove all of those.

Pour all ingredients (except salt) in a blender.

Blend on a medium-high setting until the mixture is and cold and smooth.

If you like a salted rim, run the spent limes along the rims of two glasses and dip the glasses in the salt. Serve and enjoy.

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