About Loquat Fest

We are a consortium of loquat enthusiasts and researchers dedicated to promoting public awareness of loquats and furthering collective human knowledge of this orange fruit and its products. Loquat Fest is held seasonally, either as the loquats ripen or a month after when the fermented products of the harvest are ready to consume.

Loquat Fest 2024, held in Bartholomew Park

The Loquat Fest Agenda

  • Tenet One: Plant husbandry, to improve the winter-tolerance, size, and taste profile of the endemic population of Austin loquats.
  • Tenet Two: Public awareness, educating the Austin human-population about the existence and virtues of the loquat-population.
  • Tenet Three: Culinary exploration, fostering the development and appreciation of loquat recipes and other gastronomic uses of loquats.
  • Tenet Four: Supporting the home loquat-cultivator, encouraging the proliferation of loquats in every yard in Austin.
  • Tenet Five: Lobbying private and public institutions to incorporate loquats into every landscaping project.
  • Tenet Six: Research, to uncover new loquat-information (aka: infoquation).
  • Tenet Seven: Fostering the loquat community and knowledge-sharing within it.
  • Tenet Eight: Enabling commercial exploitation of the loquat crop.
  • Tenet Nine: Continuing Loquat Fest’s dominance as the best, biggest, most loquatious, and most culturally influential festival in Austin.
  • Tenet Ten: The secret sinister agenda of the Loquat Fest Governing Council which will never be revealed to a non-initiate.

The Loquat Fest Governing Council thanks you for your interest in loquats.