Loquat Fest 2020 Postponed Until May (or Later)

Invitations to participate in Loquat Fest have been sent out for 2020. We limit these exclusive invitations to known loquat enthusiasts and loquat scholars of note.

During the brief window of loquats ripening here in Austin, we ask that people participate safely and remotely through the Instagram hashtag #loquatfest. For more information and up to date media, visit our Instagram account, @loquatfest.

If shelter in place guidelines have lifted by then, we will hold Loquat Fest on May 23rd. In that case, we would love to see any of the shelf-stable loquat products you have made in person!

About Loquat Fest

We are a consortium of loquat enthusiasts and researchers dedicated to promoting public awareness of loquats and furthering collective human knowledge of this orange fruit and its products. Loquat Fest is held seasonally, either as the loquats ripen or a month after when the fermented products of the harvest are ready to consume.

The Loquat Fest Governing Council thanks you for your interest in loquats.