CPBeacom’s Loquat Tepache

Photos and recipe by the inimiatable cpbeacom! Loquat tepache. Turned out yummy. And overcarbonated. The loquat adds a nice acidity like a sour beer. It’s a normal tepache recipe but with half the pineapple skin and core replaced with a roughly equal volume of pitted loquats. Here’s the process: melt a cone of piloncillo in

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two loquatritas on a windowsill


Loquats are an ideal fruit for margaritas; sour with just a hint of sweetness, they counterbalance any tequila nicely and play well with bright flavors like orange and lime. As a bonus, slightly underripe loquats, with their signature tang, work perfectly well in this tantalizing, slightly brown cocktail. You will need: 1.5-2 cups of loquat

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